Fermilab Bc Cluster Status

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PBS: Active Maui: Active PBSNode HealthUsage D/s Clusterpi0 Cluster

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bc0101 bc0102 bc0103 bc0104 bc0105 bc0106 bc0107 bc0108 bc0109 bc0110 bc0111 bc0112 bc0113 bc0114
bc0201 bc0202 bc0203 bc0204 bc0205 bc0206 bc0207 bc0208 bc0209 bc0210 bc0211 bc0212 bc0213 bc0214
bc0301 bc0302 bc0303 bc0304 bc0305 bc0306 bc0307 bc0308 bc0309 bc0310 bc0311 bc0312 bc0313 bc0314
bc0401 bc0402 bc0403 bc0404 bc0405 bc0406 bc0407 bc0408 bc0409 bc0410 bc0411 bc0412 bc0413 bc0414
bc0501 bc0502 bc0503 bc0504 bc0505 bc0506 bc0507 bc0508 bc0509 bc0510 bc0511 bc0512 bc0513 bc0514
bc0601 bc0602 bc0603 bc0604 bc0605 bc0606 bc0607 bc0608 bc0609 bc0610 bc0611 bc0612 bc0613 bc0614
bc0701 bc0702 bc0703 bc0704 bc0705 bc0706 bc0707 bc0708 bc0709 bc0710 bc07111bc07121bc07131bc07141
bc09014bc09024bc0903 bc09043bc09051bc09061bc09071bc09081bc09093bc09103bc0911 bc0912 bc09133bc09145
bc10012bc10022bc10032bc1004 bc10056bc1006 bc10075bc10085bc10095bc10105bc1011 bc1012 bc10135bc10145
bc11015bc11026bc1103 bc11047bc11056bc11066bc11077bc11087bc11097bc11107bc11117bc11127bc11137bc11148
bc12018bc12028bc12038bc12048bc12058bc12068bc1207 bc1208 bc1209 bc1210 bc1211 bc1212 bc1213 bc12148
bc13012bc1302 bc1303 bc1304 bc1305 bc1306 bc1307 bc1308 bc1309 bc1310 bc1311 bc1312 bc13136bc1314
bc1401 bc1402 bc1403 bc1404 bc1405 bc1406 bc1407 bc1408 bc1409 bc1410 bc1411 bc1412 bc14136bc1414
bc1501 bc1502 bc1503 bc1504 bc1505 bc1506 bc1507 bc15086bc1509 bc15106bc1511 bc1512 bc1513 bc1514
bc1601 bc1602 bc1603 bc1604 bc1605 bc1606 bc16079bc16089bc16099bc16109bc16119bc16129bc16139bc16149

free: 150down : 1offline : 2reserve : 0job-exclusive : 72job-sharing : 0Usage 32%

2015-16 project allocations start as of July 1, 2015. Valid project names for this year are listed at this link. /usr/local/bin/lquota prints the project time allocation balance for a user. For users that may belong to more than one project, the script will print the balance for all such projects. The balance includes the time for all clusters (ds, dsg, bc). (Jul 1, 2015)

[+] [-] Job List

Ref Id  Job Id    Job Name  UserSubmitted OnRun OnTime UsedTime Req  Status  QueueNodesProject
621640848c_x32_y32_z32_Oliver WitzelJul 30 15:20Jul 30 15:5608:2010:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
521641248c_x16_y16_z16_Oliver WitzelJul 30 15:58Jul 30 19:3104:4810:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
321642248c_x16_y16_z16_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:28Jul 30 23:3600:4410:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
821642348c_x32_y32_z32_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:28Jul 30 23:4100:4010:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
721642448c_x16_y16_z16_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:28Jul 30 23:4100:4010:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
121642548c_x0_y0_z0_t48Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:39Jul 30 23:4100:3710:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
221642648c_x16_y16_z16_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:39Jul 30 23:4600:3510:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
421642748c_x32_y32_z32_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:39Jul 30 23:4600:3110:00Runningbc8rhqbbar
921642848c_x16_y16_z16_Oliver WitzelJul 30 16:39Jul 31 00:1600:0510:00Runningbc8rhqbbar

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